Get The Facts: Commonly Asked Questions About E Cigarettes

Have you ever heard of e-cigarettes? Don’t worry! Many folks haven’t heard of these products. E-cigarettes, also known by electric, electronic, vapor or smokeless cigarettes, look very similar to actual cigarettes. But, rather than creating smoke, e-cigarettes produce water vapor. This water vapor often contains nicotine but not the 4,000+ substances that cigarette smoke has in it. In fact, the electronic cigarette mist is based on glycerin or propylene glycol.

21 Questions People Will Commonly Ask About Electronic Cigarettes

1 – What’s The Idea Of An Electronic Cigarette?

The idea is to simulate smoking. Smoker can still smoke, and have a stick in his/her hand, but without inhaling the harmful tobacco smoke. With e-cigs, liquid (that contains nicotine) is heated up and turned into vapor. User inhales this vapor.

2- What Are The Parts Of An E-Cigarette?

Here is a picture of a 3-piece e cigarette. 2-piece models have atomizer and cartridge combined together (which is called “cartomizer”).

3 – How Is The E-Smoke Generated

There is e-liquid inside the cartridge (either in a tank or absorbed in a cloth). When you draw, battery gives power to the atomizer and it heats up the liquid, generating “smoke”.

4 – Does The Mist Get Hot?

The vapor mist that the e-cigarette expels is not hot so there’s no worry about being burned by it.

5 – What Is E-Liquid?

E-liquid (also called e-juice) is a glycerin or propylene glycol-based liquid that’s sold in small bottles. If you’re using the three-piece cartridge e-cigarette, you’ll need to purchase the e-liquid. 2-piece e-cigs have all pre-filled cartomizers.

6 – What Is The Nicotine Volume?

Nicotine volumes are measured in milligrams. However, some are measured in percentages. A full strength nicotine cartridge is around 16mg; a light nicotine volume is 12mg. All the producers have also nicotine-free juice available.

7 – What Comes In A E-Cigarette Kit?

If you’re going to use e-cigarettes, you’ll need the starter kit to get going. A kit will have everything you need including five to 10 replacement cartridges. After the cartridges have been used, you’ll need to purchase either the e-liquid or replacement cartridges. What comes in the typical e-cigarette starter kit?

  • Cartomizers for the 2-piece e-cig (or cartridges, atomizers, and e-juice for the 3-piece model)
  • Battery (or two)
  • Charger (USB, wall and sometimes a car charger)
  • User manual

8 – Should You Go With Pre-Filled or Empty Cartridges?

More and more folks today are going with already filled cartridges over the empty ones. With prefilled cartridges, you just put the battery and cartridge together and start using the device. It’s considered the more convenient option to using electronic cigarettes.

With an empty cartridge, you’ll need to purchase the e-liquid before you can use the device. While this is the less expensive option, it’s also the messier one.  You’ll have to add in the right amount and ensure the cartridge isn’t leaking.

9 – Should You Go With The Two or Three-Piece E-Cigarette Design?

There are some marked differences between the two designs. The two piece e-cigarette comes with the battery and cartomizer. You cannot re-fill the cartomizers, they need to be replaced when empty. This method is convenient and clean.

In the e-cigarette’s three-piece design, you get the battery, cartridge and atomizer. The cartridges will need to be replaced on a regular basis with the atomizer being replaced every two to three months. With the three-piece design, cartridges can either come filled or empty that must be filled with e-liquid.

Which one should you use? It’s all a matter of preference. The two-piece e-cigarette design is convenient but a little more pricy than the three-piece e-cigarette design. The majority of e-cigarette manufacturers produce the two-piece design because they want to offer convenience to their customers.

10 – What Is The Average Length Of Time For A Cartridge?

Most times, a cartridge is equal to one package of regular cigarettes. However, this will depend solely on the e-cigarette company. Some companies will have short-lasting cartridges; Green Smoke cartridges tend to last a bit longer.

11 – How Do You Refill The Electronic Cigarette?

The only time you have to worry with cartridge refill is if you’ve got an older three-piece e-cigarette model that comes with empty cartridges. To refill them, you’ll need to separate the atomizer from the cartridge. Use the pipette to place the drops of liquid in the cartridge. Once you fill the cartridge, put the atomizer and cartridge together and connect it to the battery.

12 – How Do You Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking an e-cigarette is a little different from smoking an actual cigarette. You’ll have to heat up the atomizer first to get the bigger vapor amount. This is done by taking small puffs first and then taking bigger ones. The difference is noticeable but can be gotten used to.

13 – What Kind Of Flavors Do E-Cigarettes Have?

E-cigarettes come in a number of flavors, not just menthol or tobacco. They come in apple, cherry, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, etc. And, you’ll be delighted to know that they taste similar to an actual cigarette without being hard on the throat.

14 – Can You Use E-Cigarettes To Stop Smoking?

E-cigarettes can be a good replacement to regular cigarettes, and many folks using e-cigarettes forgo regular cigarettes. However, it’s not the surefire way to eliminate the nicotine addiction. Many e-cigarette manufacturers do produce various nicotine levels so users can wean themselves down.

15 – Are You Able To Smoke E-Cigarettes Anywhere?

With so many businesses and buildings banning regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes definitely have an advantage. Since e-cigarette produces vapor, not smoke, people can smoke them wherever and whenever they want without the fear of being escorted out or harassed. Bear in mind though… e-cigarettes look much like regular cigarettes so people may confuse the two and may initially say something to you.

16 – What Sizes Do E-Cigarettes Come In?

E-cigarettes are found in a number of sizes including the size of an actual cigarette. There are some companies who produce bigger designs to ensure the battery lasts longer and the vapor amount is larger.

17 – Should You Purchase An Automatic or Manual Battery?

When you purchase an e-cigarette, you have the option of an automatic electronic cigarette battery or a manual one. The automatic battery works by heating up the liquid when you start puffing the cigarette. In the manual battery option, there’s a button you need to press to begin heating up the liquid.

While most folks see the automatic option as more convenient, the manual one gives users more control over the vapor amount. V2 Cigs has an automatic and manual battery in their starter kits. Most other brands have just the automatic battery.

18 – USB E-Cigarettes: What Are They?

USB e-cigarettes get power from a computer’s USB connection. Thus, you can only smoke them near a device with a USB port. Today, many manufacturers have added USB connections to their starter kits.

19 – Disposable E-Cigarettes: What Are They? Should You Use Them?

Disposable e-cigarettes are a one-time thing. They’re generally less expensive than an actual starter e-cigarette kit, which is good if you’re not sure if the option is right for you.

20 – What Brand Of Electronic Cigarette Is Best?

There are a number of electronic cigarette brands on the market. However, one of the better ones is White Cloud despite its expensive price tag. A bit cheaper is Green Smoke, that provides excellent quality as well. But if you want a reasonably priced e-cigarette, consider South Beach Smoke or V2 Cigs.

21 – Where Can You Purchase E-Cigarettes?

The best place to get your e-cigarettes is the Internet. Many e-cigarettes sold in brick and mortar stores are often low quality, which can lead to problems with them. When in the market for an e-cigarette, do some research and look for reviews before you buy just anything.

Do you have additional questions about e-cigarettes? Then, feel free to send them on. We’ll be delighted to answer them for you.