Dangers of Electronic Cigarettes

Are There Any Dangers To Using Electronic Cigarettes Over Regular Cigarettes?

To date, there’s not been much done in the way of research regarding electronic cigarettes and their safety. There are so many reasons people tend to use electronic cigarettes over regular ones.

1 – E-cigs don’t have the more than 4,000 carcinogens found with regular cigarettes.
2 – People can choose the nicotine level they want.
3 – E-cigs don’t generate any carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to the lungs and ozone layer.
4 – E-cigarettes do not burn.

Is It Worth It: 7 Possible Dangers Of Electronic Cigarettes

No bit of research can prove the 100 percent safety of electronic cigarettes. And, because of that, there are still some dangers users need to be aware of.

1 – Some brands could have Diethylene Glycol as an ingredient

This ingredient is considered an anti-freeze component and is dangerous to humans especially if it’s inhaled. When electronic cigarettes break, the diethylene glycol is exposed, which harms the user’s health. U.S. Federal Drug and Administration tests revealed minute traces (less than one percent) of ingredient in the 18 cigarettes they tested. Be sure you go with trusted brands such as V2 Cigs and Green Smoke where the e-juice is 100 percent safe.

2 – E-Cigarettes still have lethal ingredients

While e-cigarttes don’t have the 4,000 harmful carcinogens you’d find in regular cigarettes, they still have some deadly components such as nitrosamines. The reason nitrosamines are in e-cigarettes due to the nicotine. Gums and patches also have nitrosamines.

3 – E-Cigarettes have nicotine

Nicotine is still found in electronic cigarette. However, users can regulate how much nicotine is inhaled.

4 – Non-smokers and children like them

Since electronic cigarettes have a variety of flavors – apple, coffee, orange, strawberry and more – children and non-smokers may feel it’s a good product. These products also come in colorful packages, which grab the attention of the young folks.

5 – Faulty parts or misuse may result in deadly issues

If the device is misused, it can result in serious injuries. An example of this danger can be found in Florida. A man suffered both serious physical and property damage when the electronic cigarette he was using exploded. Investigators said the culprit was the device’s faulty batteries, which are lithium powered. A tiny fault in them could be hazardous to users.

6 – Low quality cartridges that leak can harm the skin

How many things have you purchased cheap that didn’t do well for you? When it comes to unknown brands of e-cigarette, the same thing applies – do not purchase cheap, knock-off brands. Too many injuries to the mouth have occurred because the juice leaked from the cartridges.

7 – Some folks have an intolerance to the propylene glycol

Keep in mind that e-cigarettes have propylene glycol in them, which some folks have an intolerance to health-wise. Thus, if a person plans on using e-cigarettes and has an intolerance to this ingredient, it’s best to look for an alternative e-cig ingredient like vegetable glycerine-based juice.

How To Offset The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes

When it comes to the amount of toxins in cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have far less in them than regular cigarettes. Be sure you do your research and use only brands you trust. But, it’s up to you as well to make sure your handle the device correctly.

Yes, the electronic cigarette will have nicotine but you have the power of how much you get. Many people using e-cigarettes think they’re getting an overdose of nicotine, which is why they have heart palpitations or a rapid heart rate. Keep in mind though that e-cigarettes come in various nicotine doses, which allows users to choose the best one for them. If you don’t want any nicotine in your e-cig, you have that choice too.

While children cannot be shield from the marketing of these devices, parents can reduce their influence by not smoking in front of their children and reminding them why it’s so dangerous to smoke.

When it comes to faulty parts or misuse, you’ll need to speak with the manufacturer about it. Be sure to buy only from sellers you trust. The best thing you can do for yourself is visit the brand’s actual website.

A Look At The Batteries

The batteries of the e-cigarettes are the most important part. However, because they’re made of lithium ion, they can weaken or leak. If you notice anything abnormal with the e-cigarette, don’t use it. Rather, get in touch with the company who sold the device to you to attain a replacement right away.

Be sure you read the user manual to store and keep your electronic cigarette in working order. Your manual will also contain information about how to get rid of your old cartridges and batteries.

What does it all mean? Simply put, e-cigarettes do have dangers to them… they’re not completely free of harm. However, it’s nothing compared to the thousands of folks who die each year because of regular cigarette smoking. Isn’t the benefit of using e-cigarettes better than the negatives?