Disposable E-Cigarettes

If you have done some research on e-cigarettes, you know that there are two manufacturing designs:

  • Two-piece e-cigarettes with a cartomizer
  • Three-piece e-cigarettes with a cartridge

Besides these though, there’s also the one-piece or disposable design.

A Look At Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The disposable electronic cigarette isn’t that much different than an actual electronic cigarette except that once a user is done with it, it can be thrown away. Also, disposable electronic cigarettes are similar to regular cigarettes, in that you smoke them and throw them away.

So, if you’re going to throw away the electronic cigarettes, why not go ahead and purchase a regular pack of cigarettes? The reason is that regular cigarettes are loaded with 4,000+ carcinogens whereas electronic cigarettes are not filled with these harmful substances. Disposable e-cigarettes are very convenient because you can smoke them wherever you want. Plus, if you’re unsure you want to continue using them, disposable e-cigarettes can save you money.

A Comparison Look At Two-Piece, Three-Piece and Disposable E-Cigarettes Designs

The first thing you need to understand about every one of the designs is that they’re all battery powered. And, the same brand may offer different designs and not use the same battery for each one. The batteries of the disposable e-cig design cannot be recharged or replaced with the two or three-piece design batteries.

Keep in mind that disposable e-cigarettes cannot be filled with e-liquids, which means you must depend on the readied flavor and solution on a stick. To get the flavor you want, you need to order it. Like refillables, the atomizer can be changed to alter the flavor. The flavor remains flowing until the product is out.

According to a number of reviews, refillable and disposable e-cigarettes generate the same flavor and sensation.

Another significant difference between the disposable or two/three piece designs is the cost. The disposable model is usually less expensive than the two/three piece e-cigarettes designs. It’s definitely ideal for people who want to try e-cigarettes without a serious commitment.

How Much Do Disposable E-Cigarettes Cost

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, disposable e-cigs will cost you more money… so avoid them! If you want something for the short term, it’s really inexpensive. For example, V2 Cigs’ 3-pack costs just $25; Green Smoke’s six pack is $58.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: How Long Do They Last

The single, most important reason people will buy disposable electronic cigarettes is how convenient it is to use. Just use one stick, and when it’s out, throw it away and stick in another one. A single stick is equal to 20 tobacco sticks. So, if you constantly use it at work, it will be out by the time your shift is over. The vapor and strength will stay the same. However, when the batteries die, it’ll just quit working.

Some e-cigarette brands will offer a one-stick trial for their disposables, allowing folks to test them so they can see if it’s something they want to use.