Electronic Cigarettes and the Law

When you look at the idea of using an e-cig in a bid to give up smoking, you are going to want to be sure that you are making the right decision and it often pays to look at the legalities with using something as innovative as the e-cig. We all know the strict laws on smoking these days but where do the e-cigs fall into it all? Are they okay to use in the general public? Can you smoke with them on public transport and in public buildings? We have looked into things a little further.

Technically you are not burning anything to the electronic cigarette doesn’t fall into the same category as normal cigarettes. You are not releasing any secondhand smoke into the air so you CAN use them in everyday public places. You could puff away on the bus or train on the way to work in the morning, even smoking at your desk with an e-cig when things get a little stressful throughout the day. You can smoke in the bathroom, in bed without the fear of setting fire to the bed sheets, and even on planes – it might be wise for the smokers out there to look at using one of these on long haul flights and long journeys where you will be unable to smoke!

There is no law governing the use of electronic cigarettes at present, although there is nothing to say that things won’t be bought into play later on. There have been misunderstandings regarding people thinking that these electronic devices were actually real cigarettes, but these days’ companies are making them so they aren’t quite so realistic, giving people the opportunity to realize that they aren’t, in fact, real smoking cigarettes.

Technically you are not smoking, you are water vaping so you are permitted to use this pretty much anywhere that takes your fancy, with no laws saying where and when you can or can’t smoke the smart gadgets. You do have to use some common sense however – if your e-cig looks like a real cigarette, people may start asking questions. However, when you take into consideration that you can smoke where you like without having to worry about the smell, the weather or the cost to your bank balance, it might be time for you to start taking a closer look at the idea of using an electronic cigarette.