The Electronic Cigarette – In the News

With a recent study showing that over a million people in the UK alone were now using an electronic cigarette in a bid to quit smoking, the question was inevitably asked – is the electronic cigarette really a miracle, or more of a menace?

As with everything in life, when something gets good reviews, it will always get bad reviews as well. There will always be people not happy. You can’t please everyone as they say.

Another study also showed that if all the smokers in the UK were to give up smoking TODAY, there would be up to as many as five million lives saved, just from the generations that we are talking about right now – as in all the smokers alive on this very day. Of course you can’t deny the health benefits that swapping over to the electronic cigarette will bring you, as well as the positive effects your bank balance will show. There are people that don’t agree with the electronic cigarette however, and some of their arguments are easy to understand.

The laws on these miracle quit smoking methods are very lenient, to the point where children are legally allowed to buy and smoke using them. This means that although they won’t have the dangers associated with smoking real cigarettes, but they will still suffer at the hands of a nicotine addiction. Some of the advertising has caused controversy too – a lot of people feel that the way that these are advertised to the general public almost goes back to glamorising the art of smoking once again; something that caused all of the problems with smoking that we can see today.

A member of the British Medical Association actually stated that it couldn’t be said whether or not electronic cigarettes would be good for you. This is to be expected too, of course; it is a relatively new treatment for quitting smoking and therefore the long term effects are not going to be readily known. The media and plenty of people in “the know” have also said that the electronic cigarettes should be more regulated so that the safety of them could be guaranteed. There is a black market for all things popular, and with a million people in the UK using them alone, you will soon start to see a black market for the e-cig, if you haven’t already seen one.

In Europe, Holland and Germany to be precise, major companies have actually welcomed the new laws to class the e-cig as a medicinal product with a need for it to be more heavily regulated.

There will always be two sides of every coin and with the topic of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking; you can easily understand both sides. You are going to want to ensure your safety with these new electronic smoking toys, and make sure that they are never easily accessible to children. You should probably make sure that you are buying the products from a reputable source and always read the reviews first.