Which Brands Are Really The Cheapest?

When you want the cheapest electronic cigarette on the market, there are some things besides its starter kit price you ought to know. They include:

– Refill cost
– Quality
– Starter kit components

Keep in mind that cheap doesn’t always mean best and this also means e-cigarette brands. You do have options though when you want cheap quality-excellent electronic cigarettes.

The Prices and Bonuses Of Electronic Cigarettes

How many times have you gone to the store and noticed the prices of the same product be vastly different? Well, the same thing applies to electronic cigarettes. The cheapest priced starter kit can be found with South Beach Smoke and Smoke Tip. They sell these for $59.

Starter Kit Prices

1 – South Beach Smoke $59 (with our discount: $43.20)
2 – V2 Cigs – $65 (with our discount: $58.50)
3 – SmokeTip – $59 (with our discount: $54)
4 – Blu Cigs – $89
5 – Green Smoke Pro – $99 (with our discount: $95)

Many e-cigarette companies offer special promotions, which allow users to get the product even cheaper. Be sure to add your e-mail to their mailing list to keep in the loop about these discounts and coupons when they are offered.

Refill Quality and Cost

The price isn’t the only thing that you need to consider when looking at electronic cigarette starter kits. You should also factor in the cartridge cost. Some cartridge have a short lifespan while others have a long lifespan.

For instance: The cartridge price of South Beach Smoke is fairly high $2.70. However, the price for Blu Cigs’ cartridges run about $2.40 with V2’s and SmokeTip’s cartridges running under $2. Here’s a breakdown of six popular brands and their cartridge prices

  • Njoy – $4.40
  • South Beach Smoke – $2.70
  • Green Smoke – $3.40
  • V2 Cigs – $2.00
  • Blu Cigs – $2.40
  • Smoke Tip – $2.00

Of course, it’s not just price but also the amount of puffs you get from the cartridge that matters. Green Smoke’s FlavorMax catridges get about 360 puffs in one cartridge. The majority of the other brands are around 250 puffs. Keep in mind that while the cartridges of Green Smoke are more expensive, they last longer.

When comparing the chapest cartomizers – V2 and SmokeTip, then SmokeTip is average, with around 250 puffs. But to our big surprise, we could take around 360 puffs out of V2 Cigs’ cartomzer. So, V2 that sells the starter kit for quite a low price, will also be one of the cheapest choices in long run, as cartomizers don’t cost much, and they can be used much longer than other brands.

Quality What Should You Look For In E-Cigarettes

There are a significant number of low-quality inexpensive electronic cigarette brands on the market. For many folks who have used Njoy – it’s convenient to get them from the local mall or other retail store; however, reviews say it’s pretty useless and a waste of cash. So, what should you look for in a good quality electronic cigarette?

1 – Look for one that produces a lot of vapor
2 – Be sure to get one that’s got a long-lasting battery
3 – Be sure the e-cigarette isn’t leaking
4 – Be sure the cartridges are working

Water Vapor Production – The water vapor production is, by far, the most critical part of e-cigarettes. If the e-cig generates a lot of vapor, it’s similar to smoking an actual cigarette. However, not enough vapor doesn’t allow for you to enjoy it. Green Smoke and V2 produced most vapor when we tested the brands.

Leakage – Another issue that’s common in a number of inexpensive e-cigarattes is leakage. Think about how it would taste going into your mouth…. Nasty! Some brands will use low-quality cartridges that don’t even work.

What Will You Find In A Starter Kit

Whatever brand you get, most e-cig starter kits are similar to each other. The difference tends to be in the amount of batteries users receive. It’s definitely worth getting an additional battery, as you can use the device while the other battery charges.

  • Green Smoke Pro Kit – two batteries, 10 refills for $99
  • V2 Cigs Standard Kit – two batteries, 10 refills for $65
  • Blu Cigs Premium100 Kit – two batteries, 5 refills, charging pack for $89
  • SmokeTip Starter Kit – two batteries, five refills for $59
  • South Beach Smoke Starter Kit – two batteries, five refills for $59

What Are The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands On The Market

You already know, from past experiences, that prices can vary; the same holds true for electronic cigarettes. An expensive brand of electronic cigarettes can run $300; but it doesn’t mean it’s better. The highest rate e-cig is Green Smoke, which you can obtain for $99. It produces a significant amount of vapor, has long-lasting batteries and a variety of flavors. If you have the money to spend, this is your best bet.

If you want a cheaper one, then V2 Cigs is definitely a wise choice. Compared to Green Smoke, their flavors are not as strong, but the amount of vapor it produces is quite the same. And one more thing, it is easier to draw the V2 than Green Smoke.

Should You Consider Free Electronic Cigarettes

Many folks will consider doing a free electronic cigarette campaign but there’s a catch – they’re really not free! They say you get free trial but really it means you pay for shipping and handling and they’ll begin billing you each month. And, it can be a real hassle canceling these orders because most are unreachable by phone or email. Plus, they’ll ignore the fact that you requested it and still charge your credit card. These companies tend to have very low-quality made products.

What Does It All Mean?

Simply put: if you’re looking for the best electronic cigarette brand, then you need to consider Green Smoke for your e-cig needs. However, if money is an issue, then V2 Cigs will suffice.