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GamucciWhile Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes are made in the United Kingdom, they’re also popular in the United States. They claim that they are the first brand to introduce disposable e-cigs (but everyone produces these nowadays). However, our review team was not too happy with the product. They don’t produce enough vapor, and we didn’t like the taste as well.




– Micro Price – $79.98
– USB Kit – $31.92
– Nicotine levels – zero and 16 mg
– 7 flavors – apple, cherry, coffee, menthol, peach, tobacco and Turkish delight
– 5-pack cartridge price – $9.52
– No free trial

Gamucci has two kinds of electronic cigarettes – Micro and USB. Both share the same technology. However, the USB version can only be used when connected to a USB port (on a computer).

Micro Starter Kit

– 2 280 maH lithium rechargeable batteries
– Vaporizer
– 1 pack of 16mg nicotine tobacco flavor cartridges
– Charger
– Carrying case

Cartridges will last up to 15 regular cigarettes with the batteries having at least 275 puffs every charge and last around 300 recharges.

USB Starter Kit

– One cartomizer
– One USB e-cig

Gamucci also make disposable electronic cigarettes:

1 – Gamucci Elite

This lasts for up to 600 puffs, which is about 40 cigarettes. It’s found in seven flavors and come in regular strength.

2 – Gamucci Continental

The batteries last up to 375 puffs or (25 regular cigarettes). It can be found in regular strength and tobacco flavor for a price of $15.

The company offers a 12-month (one-year) warranty.


Simply put, there are no positive reviews about Gamucci. While it’s not a fake product, it’s overpriced and very low in quality. We don’t recommend getting yourself a Gamucci!

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