Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke ReviewOf all the electronic cigarettes on the market, Green Smoke is considered one of the best. And, it’s no wonder – it’s consistently received rave reviews from a significant number of users. While the quality of the product is good already, the company is always looking to make things better – improvement in flavor, cartridges and batteries.


Should You Consider It: 6 Important Facts About Green Smoke

When looking at the different e-cigarette manufacturers, Green Smoke is one of the top producers. Here are six facts about the popular e-cigarette:

  1. Prices of Starter Kit – Ultimate $129.97; Pro $99.97 and Express $59.97
  2. Prices of Cartomizer – five-pack FlavorMax $16.97
  3. Cartridge Puff – one FlavorMax releases up to 360 puffs or (1.5 packs of real cigarettes)
  4. Excellent volume of vapor
  5. 7 Amazing Flavors including menthol ice and classic tobacco to name a few
  6. Nicotine level ranges from zero to 24mg

A Look At The Green Smoke Product

Green Smoke was one of the first manufacturers to develop the two-part e-cigarette device. It’s also been rated one of the highest smoke volumes and tested independently for safety. Due to its popularity, it’s one of the best substitutions to regular tobacco cigarettes. What do you get with the Green Smoke starter kit? This will depend on what kind of starter kit you choose to purchase?

The $46.72 Express Starter Kit:

  • 1 battery – short or long, you choose
  • 1 USB e-cigarette
  • 1 USB and wall charger
  • 5 cartridges refillable
  • Manual and member card

The $74.05 Pro Starter Kit:

  • 2 batteries – one short and one long
  • 1 USB e-cigarette
  • 1 USB and wall charger
  • 1 car adapter
  • 10 cartridges refillable
  • Manual and member card

Plus, Green Smoke has a 6-pack disposable option for $59.97

Green Smoke provides USB e-cigarettes along with the regular starter kit; something most competitors don’t include in their kits. The product is easy to maintain as well as use and every cartridge comes with a new FlavorMax atomizer.

Many smokers like Green Smoke for the variety it provides when it comes to its flavors and strengths. Green Smoke also generates the highest amount of simulated smoke compared to other e-cigarette manufacturers on the market.

With its patented two-part design, Green Smoke provides its users some convenience. And, because it’s only two parts, batteries can be replaced quickly and handily.

Green Smoke offers its users a one-month money back guarantee, a one-year warranty and free shipping. It’s also got one of the best customer service departments.



There are just good words to say about Green Smoke: lots of vapor, greate taste, long-lasting batteries, friendly customer support. No wonder Green Smoke is rated the best e-cig on so many review sites.

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Here is what our visitors have said:

  1. Comment by Patrick Willson (Date: January 13, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 4

    I’ve been a loyal Green Smoke customer for 2 years now. Since I quit smoking and started vaping 2 years ago my chronic bronchitis and constant coughing has virtually gone away (within a couple months), thanks to Green Smoke. You definitely get what you pay for with Green Smoke. This includes superior products, long battery life, excellent flavor, lots and lots of vapor, longer lasting cartriges and outstanding customer service. They have a dedicated factory that just produces for them with strictly monitored higher production standards. Whereas, many of the competitors are simply re-branded items coming from the same factory with lessor production standards. I’ve had only a couple of warranty or customer service issues in 2 years and was treated fairly in a friendly and prompt manner. You cant go wrong with GS, better products, better service and better people.

  2. Comment by Mercedes Rossell (Date: October 24, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I love green smoke. It has replaced smoking 95% of the time. It tastes alot better than a regular cigarette in my opnion and you feel so much better. I have the occasional cigarette but so rarely it doesn’t even make sense to smoke a real one. Anyway, please try it. Worth the cost, believe me.

  3. Comment by James C. (Date: March 15, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 5

    Green Smoke has nothing on the competition. I tried Blu Cig and was unimpressed. Green Smoke’s batteries last longer and the built-in atomizer cartridges last longer.

  4. Comment by Sharon (Date: March 27, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I’ve been using Green Smoke for nearly a month… and I absolutely love it! I have yet to experience anything negative with it. I really like the 12mg chocolate and mocha cartridges. I was able to sit with some friends for a few drinks and have a “smoke”. I was even able to sell some starter kits for people who wanted to “not smoke” in the cold.

  5. Comment by Kay L. (Date: July 11, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I have tried other E-Cig brands and finally found the best ever….Green Smoke….I love the mocha mist and the menthol ice flavors……I smoked for 20 years and tried the patch and the gum , but could not stop smoking……I tried other e-cig brands and was not satisfied……..Green Smoke carts are the best….flavors the best. and batteries last longer. I love them…Thank you Green Smoke !!!!

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