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Knight SticksKnight Sticks: Is Their Free Trial A Scam Or Is It A Worthwhile Misunderstood Product

When you’re doing research into free electronic cigarettes, you’re going to come across the Knight Sticks brand, which does have a free-trial campaign. But, stop! Before you even buy into it, consider doing even more research into it.



– Starter kit price – $100
– Cartridge price – 15 cartridges (month supply) $50 plus a $9.95 handling and shipping charge
– 10-day free trial; you’re then automatically billed for the whole price
– Unknown flavors
– Unknown level of nicotine

What Comes In The Starter Kit

– Lithium battery-run electronic cigarette
– USB charger
– 2 nicotine cartridge refills
– Stainless steel atomizer

The manufacturer also provides a 60-day replacement warranty should users have a problem.


Based on the reviews of users, it’s not worth getting involved with. Save your money!

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