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LuciShould You Even Bother Spending Your Money On LUCI Electronic Cigarettes?

LUCI Electronic Cigarette is a sophisticated product with a nice design and smart features. However, before you go buy it, it’s important to do some research on it. After all, many users seem extremely unhappy with the product.




– Starter Kit Price – $60 to $200
– Cartridge Price – $10 for five-pack, $80 for 50-pack
– Four flavors
– Three levels of nicotine up to 16 mg
– No free trial

A Look At LUCI Electronic Cigarettes

This brand of e-cig has both smart, one-of-a-kind features with its products. Each smoking device is fitted with safety features to control nicotine consumption. It’s also got a smart chip that will automatically turn off the device when a large dosage of nicotine is inhaled.

The LUCI electronic cigarette’s cartridge strength varies from low to high. The battery switches on automatically when the user takes a puff on the device. One cartridge matches 15 regular cigarettes, sometimes more.

The starter kit provides the following things:

– E-cigarette
– 2 batteries with extended life capacity
– 5 flavor cartridges
– Atomizer
– Replacement cartridges that can be used up to two weeks
– Home charging kit

Other accessories include:

– USB charger
– Replacement battery
– Car charger adaptor
– Carrying case

LUCI starter kit’s replacement battery is a sleek design that will last you all day when it’s charged up entirely. The kit comes with an additional battery, car charger battery unit and portable USB charger to ensure that your LUCI is always working even when you’re moving.

Flavors that come with the LUCI E-cig are:

– Cherry
– Coffee
– Full Flavor
– Menthol

The replacement cartridges have the following ingredients in them: propylene glycol, nicotine and a mesh of other flavoring ingredients.

LUCI has free shipping services for orders of $100 or more with delivery being started two days after the remit of payment.

With higher LUCI starter kit levels, you have an increase in the amount of cartridges:

– 5 Cartridges with the LUCI Starter Kit
– 30 Cartridges with the LUCI Extended Starter Kit
– 55 Cartridges with the LUCI Advanced Starter Kit
– 105 Cartridges with the LUCI Complete Starter Kit

LUCI offers a lifetime atomizer warranty as well as a 30-day guarantee. The batteries and chargers have a 14-day warranty.


What you’ll find is that some users like the product; others not so much. While LUCI looks good, it’s not recommended. Plus, its customer service isn’t all that great!

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Here is what our visitors have said:

  1. Comment by Rog (Date: April 13, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 5

    I bought three kits before LUCI and I’ve had issues with every one of them – in terms of customer service and the product. I’ve been using e-cigarettes for at least three months and it’s wonderful. I bought the cheapest price kit and charged the battery like it was recommended. It wasn’t great and there was little taste and vapor.

  2. Comment by Jack J. (Date: October 26, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I did a trial on LUCI e-cig and just ordered South Beach Smoke. There’s no reason to waste your money with LUCI.

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