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Njoy reviewNjoy E-Cig Doesn’t Bring Joy To Electronic Cigarette Users

There are number of different electronic cigarette brands on the market – South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, SmokeTip, to name a few. Another popular and inexpensive brand of electronic cigarettes is Njoy. And, although the brand is used by many folks, users have complained about the quality.

NB! Njoy scored just 2 out of 5 in our tests. Click here to read what are the best ranked e-cigarettes on the market.

What Does Njoy Have To Offer Electronic Cigarette Users

There are several good and bad aspects to the Njoy electronic cigarettes:

  1. Starter kits range from $22 to $26
  2. Five pack cartridges cost $22
  3. Nicotine level of no more than 18mg
  4. Two flavors – menthol and conventional
  5. Poor level of vapor

A Closer Look At The Njoy Electronic Cigarette

There have been a lot of changes in Njoy’s product in the last few years. Not only did the price go down but also the quality. There was a time that Njoy was a worthwhile quality product. But, times have certainly changed. One of the biggest issues with this brand is that the liquid could leak into the mouth and cause damage to skin. A second known problem with the product is that parts of it stop working and break.

There was a time that Njoy had more than just two flavors. In fact, they had five of them – tobacco, menthol, apple, strawberry and vanilla. Njoy’s electronic cigarette design is two-piece with pre-filled cartridges.

The nicotine levels of Njoy e-cigarettes vary from zero to 18mg:

– No nicotine
– Ultra-light 6mg
– Light 12mg
– Regular 18mg

This brand of e-cigarettes has two starter kits:

  1. Express Kit – $22 buys you one battery, one USB charger and one cartridge
  2. Deluxe Kit – $46 buys you two batteries, one USB charger, one wall charger and 10 cartridges

It’s also got a one year warranty should anything happen.


If you’re doing research on Njoy, you’re going to find many positive reviews. However, most of them were written before the changes Njoy implemented. Today’s models are cheaply made and many users have said they’ve experienced problems with the quality. So, if you want a product that’s going to last and doesn’t leak, consider something other than Njoy electronic cigarettes.

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Here is what our visitors have said:

  1. Comment by debbie (Date: June 24, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I recently bought the N joy Electronic Cigarette. I have a pain in my chest and I’ve been coughing phlegm and I have a sore throat. I want to give it a conscious effort. Is anyone else experiencing this side effect? Let me know @ tikitalons.com thank you

  2. Comment by jeriiyn wadlington (Date: January 25, 2012, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Horrible, can I give a 0? Use V2, they are the best

  3. Comment by Neal T (Date: February 22, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 2

    I want to hire the sales person from NJoy. He/She must be the greatest sales persone in the world. It is so sad that junk like this is the only available retail e-cig for most of us.

  4. Comment by henry (Date: June 25, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 1

    It made me sick still sick.. it is useless unless you wanna make yourself sick. If there is a class action lawsuit im so in…

  5. Comment by Darci Biason (Date: August 29, 2012, IP:
    Rated: 3

    Although NJOY/NPRO may not be the perfect e-cigarette on the market, I would still recommend it to anyone wanting to quit smoking real cigarettes.

  6. Comment by brenda gregoire (Date: January 7, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 5

    i bought this to help me get off of nicoteen gum and losengers, it works great and i will continue to stay with njoy. thank you.

  7. Comment by Destine (Date: March 20, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Absolutly disgusting taste. I am not a big smoker at all, but I can appreciate a nice tasting cigarette. I had a great experience with the blu cigs in the past and decided to try a njoy disposable menthol. I was so ridiculously disappointed of the revolting chemical drawl that contacted my mouth and the after taste of many medicines that I was given to as a child. Do not waste your money.

  8. Comment by Gail (Date: March 25, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 2

    This product does not last as long as it claims. I will no longer waste my money on them. At 8+ it is not worth it. I bought V2 and so far a good product. Plus the taste is way better.

  9. Comment by Allan (Date: April 26, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    On my 3rd refill cartridge I inhaled actual buring plastic from the refill cartridge and liquid in my mouth. The refill burned a hole in its side and continued to leak the fluid from inside. I called the customer no serivce number but they seemed unconcerned. I will throw it away along with my $40 dollar investment. Also before this incident, the battery would not last very long and always needed lenghty recharging.

  10. Comment by Jeremy stovall (Date: May 15, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I give this product no stars I bought a disposable njoy. I took 3 puffs and it died. what a piece of crap. For anyone interested in trying and E Cigarette spend one extra dollars for a real product

  11. Comment by jas (Date: June 14, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Bought one last night, opened it, tried it (couple puffs) and put it away. Opened it later today and puffed a couple times (3 or 4) and put it away. Did this about 6 times … It was done as the “head” started blinking indicating it was out.

    All in all, it was more expensive than a real pack of smokes that lasts me 4 days.

    Waste of money (not health, at least we don’t know that just yet)


  12. Comment by Brent frana (Date: July 1, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    WASTE OF MONEY! Used to be an ok product, but sucks now. Doesn’t last at all. Must be made in china like American flags. Better if you puff on an ink pen.

  13. Comment by Leticia salmon (Date: July 4, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Dont waste ur money. I bought the single disposable one for $8.00 yes one for eight dollard, I’m going to pack it reads that it last you up to 2 packs, lie it was not even 2 cigarrets. I teturn it to the smoke shop n the man told me that they have found some defective ones and he gave me a replacement, well I guess they r all defective . NO GOOD.

  14. Comment by Eternalhippie (Date: July 16, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 3

    I bought my starter kit at Sam’s Club and started using it a week ago. I have found that it hurts my throat and that it leaks. But it has kept me away from regular cigarettes for 7 days now. The one cartridge is still working for me (except for the leaking.) But now I am at a cross-roads. Do I start buying and using the replacement cartridges (with its leaks and my sour throat) or do I try another brand that several of my co-workers are using and love? They are using Va Va Vape. The cost is a bit more though.

  15. Comment by Rita (Date: July 21, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    All I can say it’s not worth the money. It say its equal to 2 pac of cigs. Bull, I puffed on it maybe 20 times and it was done.

  16. Comment by Jose Balboa (Date: July 30, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I bought one to try at a local gas station and I paid about 8 bucks . . . it only lasted about four hours of normal puffing and it died out. The LED just blinks, no more vapor. Not sure if the battery is dead or the liquid ran out. Either way, it’s not worth 8.00 for a couple of hours.

  17. Comment by Angela (Date: August 8, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Njoy really needs to try and fix this problem with the leaking because yes they are cheaper then real cigarettes but I want to quit and it does help when the product actually works and I dont have to go back to the store and replace the broken plastic cig (really). Please njoy fix your problem so we can get our moneys worth. The up two packs is bull. So explain????

  18. Comment by mjw (Date: August 18, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    Just bought 2 NJOY disposable e cigarettes. perfectly size and perfect weight. But didn’t last. Too expensive for it not to work. I suggest you stop production on this and go back to what WAS working.

  19. Comment by CPH (Date: August 27, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    I purchased the starter kit less than a month ago and I am sending it back today. The batteries have been replaced twice, the charger is defective. Overall this purchase has been a nightmare! Unable to hold any kind of charge at all. This was a real disappointment but have learned my lesson and will be investing in a better quality ecig even if I have to pay more for it. If anyone can send me any suggestions for an ecig that is “NOT” cheaply made and will work, please do so! webejamin77@gmail.com
    I do not recommend NJoy at all!

  20. Comment by CHP (Date: September 19, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Waste of money! AGREED with all comments above! Last for 5 to 10 puffs then dies!

  21. Comment by Michelle Alderman (Date: October 9, 2013, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Looked and felt nice and light. I only smoke 4 a day of normal cigarettes , this disposable didn’t even last 2 days making it more expensive. And gave me a sore throat. Tasted weird too.

  22. Comment by Mark Thornton (Date: February 15, 2014, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    You should be ashamed of your product, It is really false advertising to claim it lasts for 2 packs. I am not happy with your product and your claims. I am considering joining lawsuit. This could be avoided if you fix your cigarette.


  23. Comment by Smokin’ Mad (Date: July 24, 2014, IP:
    Rated: not rated

    Minus 5 stars! Total waste of 8 bucks for a single. Bought one, used it ONCE, Five or six puffs later, the tip was blinking and no more vapor. You will NOT “NJOY” this product unless you like throwing your money away.

  24. Comment by Stephanie (Date: February 28, 2015, IP:
    Rated: not rated


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