Smoketip Review

SmokeTip Review

SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Offers Numerous Flavors For A Low Price

One of the newest brands to enter the smokeless cigarette market is SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette. While it’s relatively new and has a limited number of reviews, most folks who have tried it like it. No other brand offers so many different flavors. If you like to try out new flavors, get yourself SmokeTip.



Starter Kit costs $60, shipping is free
Cartridge Price – 10-pack for $20, which equates to 1.25 cartons of regular tobacco-filled cigarettes (order three 10-packs for $18 apiece)
19 Flavors – Almond, Apple, Banana, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, Coffee, Cowboy, Grape, Menthol, Mind Menthol, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Regular, Strawberry, Watermelon and Vanilla
Four nicotine levels from zero to 16mg

A Look At SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes

First of all, SmokeTip offers free lifetime battery and charger replacement. That proves that the quality cannot be low. And it surely isn’t. You get enough vapor as well. We didn’t taste all the flavors, but the ones we tried out were nice. So, nothing much to complain about.

The $59.95 kit is modeled after the two-piece KR808D-1 design. With the kit, you get the following:

– Six prefilled cartomizers
– Pair of auto-switch batteries
– AC charger set
– USB charger set

It’s a good starter e-cigarette kit. The average use from the battery is four hours before it needs to be charged. The prefilled flavors cartridges are not too bad.

With your order, you’ll receive a lifetime guarantee on everything but the cartomizers. Two battery swaps and the thing pays for itself. Prefilled cartomizers offer lots of vapor and good throat hit. There are some decent flavors with a lot of juice in the cartomizers and cost $17.95 for each pack.

It’s easy to use separate eJuice as well; just 30 drops of the juice inside the silicon cap, shove it in, wipe clean and let it sit down a bit. That’s it! If you want a more direct dripping method, it’s not hard to do. It’s easy for folks who don’t know if they want the three-piece electronic cigarette.



Based on its price, it’s fairly decent. It’s nothing like V2 Cigs or Green Smoke; but, if used cautiously, it works like it should. One of the best things about SmokeTip is the kind of flavors you get – 19 in all!

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Here is what our visitors have said:

  1. Comment by Desmond (Date: January 16, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    All buyers BEWARE! SmokeTip says it’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee but you’ll never see a dime of your money back. Read its return policy closely. Opening the box that holds the cartridges means you’ll never get your money back. And, there’s no way to prove you didn’t open the box since there’s no seal. There’s no sympathy from customer service either. Just a bad overall experience!

  2. Comment by Aron Jacobs (Date: January 11, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 5

    My family physician has told me for years to quit smoking – I just had surgery to get rid of blood clots in the arteries of both calves. And, I suffer with high blood pressure. It wasn’t until this surgery that I got serious, and since I could not quit cold turkey, I did some research into electronic cigarettes.

    I was rather impressed by the reviews of SmokeTip and their free shipping. I requested a starter kit with an additional 20 cartomizers. Received the kit… not batteries! When I told them what happened, they promptly took care of it. New batteries were sent out immediately. I can’t say anything about the product but I can about the customer service department.

  3. Comment by RZ (Date: July 12, 2013, IP:
    Rated: 1

    I just purchased the starter kit and ordered the Regular flavor 16mg cartridges. I received the order and eagerly opened a cartridge and tried the product. To my dismay they sent menthol. I contacted customer service and they said that even though it was their mistake they would not exchange the cartridges because it was opened. I explained that I opened it not knowing that they sent me the wrong thing; even the receipt had my correct order. I threatened to return the entire product if they didn’t accommodate me and they said the “owners won’t exchange opened package” and get this!! they are going to take $10 out of my product return for the open cartridges!!!

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